Hello to Family, Friends and Graduates of the Class of 2020. I want to apologize to everyone whose education has been directly impacted by COVID-19. Thank you for your interest in a graduation cap, as I still believe it is a very special way to commemorate your academic achievement. Due to COVID-19 and mandatory shelter in place for the State of California, I am unable to source the supplies needed to create graduation caps at this time and will not be taking orders until further notice.

I thank you all for understanding, and will communicate proactively and transparently if there are any changes. During this time, it's most important for you to take care of yourself and those you love. Stay safe everyone.  

Welcome to graduation caps by Craftshley Co.! Graduation is a remarkable and exciting accomplishment; and, this year is particularly exciting for me, as it's finally time for me to make my own graduation cap. You deserve a graduation cap as special and unique as your college experience. We are here to make your dream graduation cap a reality.

Customized Graduation Cap

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